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Infra Red Distance Ranger

For a pretty long time, the sensors that I used in my micromouse robots were ready made. Initially I used the dedicated micromouse sensors from TRI, then switched on to the more general purpose Sharp IR Distance Rangers and eventually … Continue reading

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Atmel’s AVR ATMega16/32 based Development Board and the AVR Workshop

I took up this work as a side project when my final year in engineering started. By this time, I had done a lot of practical and applied work in the field of embedded systems and Atmel’s AVR ATMega was … Continue reading

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The Modified Flood Fill Simulator

Micromouse for me started as a plain & simple curiosity during my second year of engineering which soon turned into a full blown no-time-for-anything-else activity. During the very early stages of development I realized that I’ll be needing a handy … Continue reading

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Stepper Motor Current Chopper Drive

I generally use stepper motors as actuators in my robots. They are easy to drive, easy to control and very lazy. To make my robots (aka mice :-P) go fast, I thought that making some improvements with the software was … Continue reading

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Microcontroller Analysis – Technical, Marketing and Application Perspective

I got a lucky chance to do one month internship in Freescale Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, Noida (no introduction required!), just after finishing my second year. Due to my limited knowledge and time, I was given the task of making a report … Continue reading

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DC Motor Velocity Control, Robot Odometry and Path Planning

After completing my third year in engineering, I got my summer internship at ThinkLABS, a division of The Robotics Institute(TRI) @ IIT Bombay. It was a truly memorable and an eventful 😉 experience for me. From designing cute little robots to … Continue reading

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Home appliance control using PC’s Parallel Port and Water Alarm

I made these two projects in the 2nd year of my engineering. This was more of an introductory exercise for me than anything else. My main aim was to get a hang of the things like wires and soldering irons … Continue reading

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