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Projects undertaken during Engineering Days (BTech)

Micromouse and Me

In the October of 2006 (my 3rd Semester), I attended one month long workshop on the classic 8051 microcontroller. The seniors conducting the workshop encouraged us to apply the knowledge we have gained and participate in some college techfest. With … Continue reading

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Infra Red Distance Ranger

For a pretty long time, the sensors that I used in my micromouse robots were ready made. Initially I used the dedicated micromouse sensors from TRI, then switched on to the more general purpose Sharp IR Distance Rangers and eventually … Continue reading

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Atmel’s AVR ATMega16/32 based Development Board and the AVR Workshop

I took up this work as a side project when my final year in engineering started. By this time, I had done a lot of practical and applied work in the field of embedded systems and Atmel’s AVR ATMega was … Continue reading

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The Modified Flood Fill Simulator

Micromouse for me started as a plain & simple curiosity during my second year of engineering which soon turned into a full blown no-time-for-anything-else activity. During the very early stages of development I realized that I’ll be needing a handy … Continue reading

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Stepper Motor Current Chopper Drive

I generally use stepper motors as actuators in my robots. They are easy to drive, easy to control and very lazy. To make my robots (aka mice :-P) go fast, I thought that making some improvements with the software was … Continue reading

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Microcontroller Analysis – Technical, Marketing and Application Perspective

I got a lucky chance to do one month internship in Freescale Semiconductors Pvt Ltd, Noida (no introduction required!), just after finishing my second year. Due to my limited knowledge and time, I was given the task of making a report … Continue reading

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DC Motor Velocity Control, Robot Odometry and Path Planning

After completing my third year in engineering, I got my summer internship at ThinkLABS, a division of The Robotics Institute(TRI) @ IIT Bombay. It was a truly memorable and an eventful 😉 experience for me. From designing cute little robots to … Continue reading

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Home appliance control using PC’s Parallel Port and Water Alarm

I made these two projects in the 2nd year of my engineering. This was more of an introductory exercise for me than anything else. My main aim was to get a hang of the things like wires and soldering irons … Continue reading

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