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Self taught is the best of the lot!

Version Control using Tortoise Git

Version Control is an important software management tool used in any small/large enterprise to manage source code of…..anything. It is an important skill that a person should have if they want to work in a company that will make them … Continue reading

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The 9DoF Razor IMU from Sparkfun

In one of the projects my team was working on at IIT Kanpur, we were supposed to conduct some ‘on-the-road’ tests on a parafoil. To measure the inertial parameters, we had to find out some cheap alternative to the costly … Continue reading

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The Embedded System Tool Chain

Most of the projects listed in this website are based around a microcontroller. Once you design an embedded circuit around a microcontroller, you need to put in some intelligence by programming it and that’s when the term ‘Tool Chain’ kick … Continue reading

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