1. Winner of VI Mantra 2011 (Research Category), annual national level technical paper contest organized by National Instruments. Presented a paper on, Design of a Data Acquisition System for a 5 Degrees-of-freedom Dynamic Test Rig for Aerodynamic Characterization of Flight Vehicle, Pranjal Chaubey, AK Ghosh.

    from Left :- Victor Mieres (Vice President - National Instruments), Me, Jeff Kodosky (Co-Founder of National Instruments and 'Father of LabVIEW')

Received a cash prize of Rs. 50,000 (~$1000) and got a chance to personally meet Jeff Kodosky, co-founder of National Instruments and ‘Father of LabVIEW’, and Victor Mieres, Vice President – National Instruments.

With participation from over 800 colleges across India every year, VI MANTRA is rated as the best platform for academia to showcase their solutions in Graphical System Design.”

  1. Winner of Intel’s ‘Innovators of Tomorrow’ 2009 contest. My idea of ‘smart utensils’ got selected out of more than 22,000 entries. Prizes included a laptop, a PC and an all expenses paid trip to Intel’s Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.

    with Deborah Conrad (Intel Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer) inside Intel Headquarters, Silicon Valley, California

    from Left :- Dad, Deborah and Myself

  2. My robot which earned me the podium position at IIT Bombay's Techfest 2009

    2nd Runner up out of 184 teams in the international autonomous maze solver competition, Micromouse, organized by IIT Bombay in their annual Techfest 2009.

  3. The winning robot at JSS Academy's annual techfest, Zealicon 2008.

    Winner of Micromouse competition organized by JSS Academy of Technical Education (Noida) during their annual techfest, Zealicon 2008.

  4. Winner of Micromouse competition organized by IIIT-Allahabad during their annual fest, Effervescence 2007.

    Winner at IIIT-Allahabad's techfest, Effervescence 2007.