Music and Me

I am not a musician. I just love and appreciate music like any person would, just that I get creative sometimes. Thanks to my parents and (later) friends, I have grown up listening to some great Indian and Western Music.

For some reason, the guitar has always attracted me. But, unfortunately, I have not been playing it since the attraction begun. My parents were afraid that I’ll drop out of school and will only play guitar day in and day out (Rockstar is not a bad career option Mom n Dad!). I got myself an acoustic guitar and later a very cheap ($60) electric and played them around (self-learning) for almost a year and a half during the early days of my engineering. A lot of things happened then and I found myself doing electronics and robotics all the time. I sold my acoustic and donated my electric to a needy soul. After finishing college, I still felt the same way about the guitar as I used to and realized, that with the pressure of studies gone, I can afford to spend some quality time with my favorite instrument. Just a month back I have purchased a new electric guitar and am loving it.

Sometime in the year 2000, I got my hands on this cool audio recording/editing/remixing software called Acid Music and another stunning digital audio workstation called Fruity Loops (now known as FL Studio) and that’s when I thought that creating something of my own was a real possibility. Some of the original work that has survived the various hard-disk crashes and virus attacks is still with me and you can listen to it from the links given below. I have a knack of giving the tracks weird names for no particular reason. The last track, called ‘Faith Lost’, is an original composition on guitar. It was recorded in the August of 2006. By the end of 2006, like I have stated above, I was neck deep into technical activities.

Do let me know if you like this stuff…..

(You can directly listen to these tracks where they live, on my alonetone profile)

1.Techno Wah

2. Synthesized Cyborg

3. Skreem & Shout

4. Fussy Stuff

5. Bass Thing

6. Country FX

7. Faith Lost

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